Dining in St. Augustine

If there is one question I hear a lot from our guests, it is “what should we do first in historic St. Augustine?” Of course, as a local, I always say, be sure to eat at any of the fabulous restaurants. Naturally, I tend to give a tip here and there as any local would. 

Parking Garage

If you have had the good fortune of taking a short adventure to downtown St. Augustine, you might have noticed that parking is scarce. Many visitors start their day early and park at the parking garage located on Cordova street. Parking is expensive if you are just looking to eat at one establishment or take an hour stroll. You can also try your hand at the meters located throughout the area. I rarely use the meters as I tend to lose track of time and my meter is then in need of more money. But when I do use them, I find the nearest meter to where I want to go by using this map of the meters in the city. You can find it by clicking here


Of course, everyone says, “Is this what you do?” Just between my readers and the world wide web, I do have a few tricks up my sleeve that you will only hear of locals and those blending in as a local would do. 

Trolley Parking

I have parked my vehicle at the visitors center and rode the trolley to any of the areas amazing restaurants. I don’t always take the trolley, sometimes it depends on the time of day or year. If it isn’t too hot, I love strolling the area to see where my tastebuds lead me. Another bonus is they stop everywhere! 


If you are an avid walker, you could park at one of the local establishments off of US 1 and take in a long scenic walk. Of course, I can’t promise that any of these tips won’t get you towed. 

Attractions and Events

Many of us love checking out what is going on in the historic district. It seems that there is always something going on. Whether it be a local band playing at Prohibition Kitchen or an annual event in the park like the September’s Sing Out Loud Festival.  With great events going on throughout the entire year, you’ll often hear our guests say, “ANY time of year is a great time to visit!” My local advice is to check out this local site for any current events or festivals and make your dining experience revolve around the event. 

Beach Time

Of course while here, part of your dining experience has to include the beach. Naturally, you will either have a picnic on the beach or grill your favorite cuisine on the property with the most magnificent view you could imagine. But are there other ways of having a unique beach dining experience? Of course there are! You can stroll on over the South Beach Grille and have an amazing entree made for you while you enjoy your beachfront view.  

These are just a few tips you can enjoy during your visit to the area. We are all about making your visit with us as fun, easy and memorable as possible. We’ll see you during Easy Season!

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