The Beacher’s Lodge Condo Association just announced that we will begin our modernization project for our property elevators in January 2020. We anticipate starting this project on January 6, 2020 and have an estimated time line of 6 weeks until completion, which should mean we are completed by Valentine’s day weekend. The south end elevator will be started first and should take the longest, since we are replacing the hydraulic jack for the south end. The rooms closest to the south elevator end in 01-19. The north end elevator will be up and operational during the time the south end elevator is down. We know that there will be noise associated with this work, however work hours will be restricted to 8am to 6pm, Monday through Friday. Once the south end elevator is completed and is restored back to operational, the north end elevator will be worked on. The rooms closest to the north elevator end in 20-33. We do not expect the studio suites to be greatly impacted, however the studio are located closer to the north end elevator.