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As visitors browse the historic district of St. Augustine, many refer to it is a tiny glimpse of Europe. The cobblestone roads are much more narrow than what most of us are used to. The old style buildings that are original in design but have had upkeep over the years take you back to an era of long ago. The feeling of this part of town not only takes you to a new experience but so does the food. After eating at the Columbia this past week, I became truly inspired to write this piece for all the past, current, and future guests of the Beachers Lodge. 

The Columbia

If you are looking for an authentic Columbian dining experience, then look no further than one of my all-time favorites: The Columbia. It is centrally located on the ever so popular St. George street. If the wait is long, which often occurs on the weekend, you can enjoy its genuine Columbian ambiance in their outdoor courtyard. They have a beautiful fountain and you can even have a drink while you wait. I highly recommend their Sangrias! Once seated, you can enjoy some of the Columbian decor – and you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu! It’s the closest thing to authentic Columbian food without using your passport. One more tip, be sure to stop at their gift shop on the way out. They have beautiful pottery and various ingredients for sale. I highly recommend purchasing their Sangria mix. It tastes just like the one you enjoyed with dinner. 


If you are up for a wine tasting after dinner, I have the perfect little spot for you. Once you exit the Columbia restaurant, take a step to your right on George Street and stroll on over to the Gifted Cork. They have delicious wines that won’t break the bank. I love heading over there for my dessert wine as their daily tastings are only $5! 

Catch 27

If you are looking for a taste of St. Augustine, then look no further than Catch 27. It’s located near the tail end of Charlotte Street. One of my favorite things about Catch 27 is how almost all of their ingredients come from either our local fisherman or a local farm, so you know it is all very fresh! Another cool thing about Catch 27 is how they have brought the native Minorcan flavor to the table. The spirit of the Minorcan lives and breathes in many things in St. Augustine, but what I love the most is the unique flavor that can be found in Catch 27’s Minorcan Chowder. The menu does change according to season. Be sure to stop by if you are here during Red Snapper season!

Harry’s Seafood Bar & Grill

Looking to spice up your dinner tonight? Look no further than Harry’s! I’ve had the pleasure of spending some time in the Big Easy, aka New Orleans and the Cajun spirit is one to enjoy. You will get a taste of the Big Easy at Harry’s. I highly recommend their Jambalaya. If that is not your cup of tea then try their French Baked Scallops. It will make your taste buds dance!!!


Prohibition Kitchen

If you are looking for something completely different, something you have probably never experienced before, then Prohibition Kitchen is a must! From the moment you walk in, you feel like you are in the prohibition era! Even the staff have dressed the part. You can’t go wrong with their local beers and amazing mixed drinks. My all-time favorite and must have each time I go is their pretzel! I’ve been known to have one as a meal; they are HUGE! For those of you that need more to satisfy your appetite, I highly recommend the Whiskey BBQ Burger. Your taste buds will be singing Charlie Daniels songs all night long! Not into burgers? How about their Braised Beef jus. It is to die for!!!  An extra treat is their live entertainment every night. 


I’ll be sure to write some more on my most favorite places to eat, but now I’ve made myself so hungry, I’m gonna have to grab a bite to eat. My taste buds are feeling a little rebellious, so Prohibition Kitchen it is! 

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