How to throw a beach wedding


Part one: 

Inviting Mother Nature

You’ve been planning it for months — the flowy white dress, the warm sand, the blue sea going on forever and ever in the background. Your beach wedding will be beautiful, but don’t plan on it being perfect. The combination of the ocean breeze messing up your meticulously made up-do, the low rumbling of the waves ruining your audio, or an eye full of sand can really put a damper on your big day.


Luckily, many brides before you have braved the elements to have their dream beach wedding and they’ve lived to tell the tale (and give their advice). Here’s a list of the most common beach wedding snafus and some tips on how to overcome them:


Background Sounds

What makes beach weddings so beautiful also makes them treacherous to a wedding party. One of the things many don’t think about until they pop in their wedding DVD after the big day is that the wind and ocean drown out the vows. These precious moments spent exchanging your vows in front of your family are memorable and it’s natural to want to preserve it.


There are many microphones that are used for outdoor recording. If you are using a company to record your wedding, make sure they have special equipment, or specialized windscreens at the least. These will help to cut out the sound of the breeze and dull the roar of the ocean to a soft rumble.


If you are budgeting your wedding and don’t want to splurge on the professional camera / recording company, you might still be able to record the wedding. Place small microphones behind the ties of the best men, or beneath the shirt of the minister. The voices may be duller, but the thin fabric can create a barrier between the microphone and the wind.


High Tide

If you’ve taken your basic science classes in grade school, then you understand low tide and high tide. During springtime high tide is around 10AM, while low tide is around 5PM. When mapping out and setting up your chairs, altar, and aisle make sure to mentally note where the water will reach at the time you say ‘I do.’ Tide times vary throughout the year, so make sure you have an accurate idea of the tides or your aisle may end up washed away for good!


The Sand

When picking out the perfect accessories for your dress and the dresses of your bridesmaids, remember the turf you are walking on. Some beaches have sugary, loose sand, while others like Crescent beach have a harder sand with rolling dunes.


Check out your location before hand and walk on it well before the big day. A nice, white leather sandal can still express that carefree beach attitude you want to capture but still keep your feet safe.


If the sand is loose, tell your guests! If they are going to be standing when you walk down the aisle, make sure they are wearing appropriate footwear. Noone wants to see someone fall in the middle of the ceremony because they insisted on wearing 6 inch heels to your wedding.


The Look

In the movies, beach weddings look perfect. The bride stands before her partner, perfect hair softly blowing in the breeze, looking happy.


Beaches, in the summer especially, can be hot and windy. Chances are, if your partner goes for a full suit, his discomfort can distract him from what he should really be thinking of — which, of course, is his bride! To avoid sweating, perhaps go with a lighter suit instead of a tux or a 3-piece. The best men will appreciate it too. Of course there’s always the boardshorts option as well.


The Bride

The wind will do all kinds of mischief to your wedding party if you happen to tie the knot on a blustery day. One of the most obvious issues is the bride’s hair. When picking a hairstyle for a beach wedding, don’t go against your hair’s natural texture.


If you have really curly hair but want it straight, the humidity will poof it back up in no time. Instead, try soft ‘beachy’ curls loosely tied back. This is a relaxed look that goes great with a beach themed wedding. It’s also something easy to fix and maintain.


If you have straight hair and want to go curly, remember the humidity and wind could tangle you up. No one wants hair all in their face when exchanging vows. A braided crown updo would do well to tame your hair and look gorgeous at the same time.


When choosing makeup, go for something matte instead of glossy. Any sand kicked up by the wind will stick (as will any stray hair).  Your beach wedding can be amazing, but it’s best to be prepared for issues mother nature may throw your way. With these tips you’re well on your way to making your big day flawless!



To learn more about having a beach wedding at the Beacher’s Lodge, contact us today, we loving helping couples tie the knot.

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