Everyone enjoys a good beach day! Whether you choose a morning, midday, or sunset ceremony, you just can’t go wrong with a gorgeous waterfront location. Finding inspiration for a beach wedding is a breeze.  By utilizing your seaside surroundings and a little creativity, you’ll soon be hosting your dream beach wedding that will have everyone talking.

The internet is loaded with beach wedding ideas. Websites such as Pinterest and Instagram can be a huge help when looking for ideas for decorations, music, party favors, clothing for the wedding party, the wedding cakes, and even catering. We have hosted many weddings that often have the most amazing DIY ideas. That is why we have compiled our top 5 Spring Wedding Ideas to add to your dream board. Check out our list below:

  1. Decorations: When it comes to decorating your venue, simple is best. The sun, sand, and sea provide a ton of beauty for your big day. If you’re using an Arbor, simply draping it in soft, breezy fabrics or floral arrangements can make a stunning focal point. For chair décor on each aisle, a simple starfish tied into some beach grass is always a huge hit. Another option is filling blue jars with Baby’s Breath flowers and hanging them on the ends of each aisle. Lanterns sitting on the sand also makes for a stunning display. For the wedding party bouquets and boutonnieres, consider a combination of seashells and light-colored flowers. Raffia is a popular choice over ribbon, both for the bouquets and any décor throughout your wedding area.
  2. Guest book: Sidestep the traditional book and pen for your guestbook. Put out a shadow box alongside of a basket of seashells. Have your guests sign their names and your wedding date on the shell and drop it into the shadowbox. Once the wedding is over, you can hang the shadowbox in your home as a wonderful memento. Another cool option is to purchase small, corked jars from a craft store. Offer small pieces of paper for your guests to write messages to the bride and groom, sign and date it, and place it in the corked bottle. The intention is to have the bride and groom open and read all the inscriptions on their First Anniversary.
  3. Photos: Step outside of the box and ask your photographer to capture spontaneous moments throughout your ceremony. Unique photos such as those capturing an intimate conversation with the bride and her parents, the groomsmen sharing a good joke, or the flower girl tying the ring bearer’s shoes are examples of the most-cherished photos. One idea is for both bride and groom to leave their left handprint in the sand side by side, with their wedding bands on the ring finger of the sand imprint. Instead of rice or bird seed for your departure, have guests toss tiny versions of beach balls.

At a recent Beachers Lodge wedding, one of our brides had a more hi-tech version of photo opportunities. The idea was created by her mom. At her mom’s wedding each table had a disposable camera that the guests used to take pictures of the day, that way they got all the angles and moments during the reception. It’s hard to find those disposable cameras these days, so instead they asked everyone to load pictures to their Facebook group. Later the bride downloaded the photos and had them printed for her wedding album. Same idea, just a different way of getting the photos.

  1. Party Favors: Your options are limitless for party favors for a beach wedding. You can go with traditional choices or hand out favors that relate to your beach theme. Beach towels, sunglasses, or sunscreen will be a hit with your guests. They can use them during the ceremony and later have a memento to use during their beach days, which will always bring a smile at the memory of your special day.
  2. De-sanding Station: As your guests leave your ceremony, a thoughtful gesture is to have a place for guests to drop their shoes and shake them out, and brush the sand from their toes. Near your exit, toss down a couple of bamboo mats, put up a little picket sign with paintbrushes hanging from it, and give your guests the opportunity to brush off their sandy feet. They’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness.

There are a ton of ideas and opportunities to make your wedding the day of your dreams! If you are ready to have a small intimate beach wedding, contact us at the Beacher’s Lodge, we’ll be more than happy to help. Happy Planning!

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