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Heading to the beach for a family vacation can be very exciting. Of course, your kids will want more to do than just observe the waves. You need to be prepared with plenty of fun activities to enjoy while you’re there. Fortunately, we’ve created a list of some favorite games and activities for families to enjoy together.

Bring the Buckets and Shovels

Sand castle sculpting is not just fun, it’s challenging. You and your kids can build intricate sandcastles with the help of a few basic tools. A small shovel and a couple different sizes of buckets are a good place to start. Your kids can also enjoy searching the beach for seashells and other materials to use in the decoration of your castles. As you build your masterpiece see who can build the biggest sand castle without the towers falling down.

Another all time sand activity is either digging a hole and just jumping into it or burying one of the adults in the sand. No matter the age these activities are always fun, even the locals do it! One more favorite is the digging of a tunnel. Kids love to dig a tunnel that is just big enough to stick their arm through and see their hand on the other side.

Play Ball

There are tons of fun sports that can easily be taken to the beach for a blast in the sand. Football and volleyball can be played on the beach or in the water. Soccer is another great choice.  Pack a beach bag with plenty of water-safe balls and you can have a day full of fun.

If you don’t want to bring any games, you can use our bocci ball sets here at Beacher’s Lodge. Some of our guests truly enjoy a nice game of Tic Tac Toe in the sand. All you need is either a stick to draw the lines and mark your box, or see who is the most talented by drawing with your big toe.

Catch Some Crabs

Tiny crabs burrow under the sand along the beach. See how many crabs you can catch and examine their unusual characteristics. There are few animals so interesting as crabs and the way they build their homes. Another fun creature to find in the sand are the tiny clams that you can dig up as the waves recede back into the ocean. Often you can watch them as they try to hurry and bury themselves back into the sand after floating about in the ocean.

Parent note, your kids may try and convince you to keep these little critters in a cup or bucket as a temporary pet during their stay. Don’t give in!!! They will create an odor that is undesirable the following day, mark my words, you want to leave these creatures at the beach.

Have a Cookout

After a fun day in the sand, sun and surf, head back to the Beacher’s Lodge and grill out on our charcoal grills. Grill up some hot dogs or burgers, maybe some fish if you went fishing and enjoy the beach without having to leave for dinner.

These are just a few of the fun activities you can enjoy with your family at the beach. No matter the age of your kids or the size of your family, you can easily adapt these activities to fit everyone’s interests. The best part is that your beach adventure can be an affordable and memorable trip all in one, when you choose to vacation at Beacher’s Lodge in beautiful Crescent Beach.  

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