As of 9/12/17 We are waiting for power to be restored to start welcoming guests back to the property.  Our phones are also down.  Many rooms look like they made it through without any damage.  It may be a while for our pool and property to be back in working order.  You can follow us on facebook for updates, or check back with us when we get the power and phones in working order.  Email any questions to:

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  1. John Stringer
    John Stringer says:

    We have reservations beginning next Wednesday September 20. If the pool is not usable and the beach not accessible and walk able we will probably need to make other plans.

    I would assume your recovery is day-today. Would you allow us to cancel the day of our reservation if your recovery is not complete (beach & pool) without charging us the cancellation fee? Or would it be possible to move our reservations (2) out a couple of days (if a couple of days would mak3 a difference)?

    Do you anticipate having the pool back up within a week?



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