We have Power & the Pool!

Power was restored several days ago and our team is working hard to welcome you back to a restored Beachers Lodge.  As of today, 9/16, our pool is open and ready for enjoyment.  The pool will be open daily from 8am until dusk (half an hour before sunset).  We are still without phones, cable and internet, so we hope that Comcast is working as hard as our team is to get things back up and running.  All calls to our main number 904-471-8849 are being routed to cell phones, so please be patient with us in phone communications.  Currently, the north end elevator is down for repairs, but our south end elevator is working.  We are inviting guest to come back to the beach, with so much going on these past few weeks, it might be just what you need to unplug, step away from the news and enjoy the beauty that’s all around us.

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