Beacher’s Lodge is a real treasure among beachfront properties for brides who have always dreamed of a destination wedding on the beach. Of course, Beacher’s Lodge has more to offer than just a sandy beach. Here are three reasons brides choose Beacher’s Lodge to host their Spring weddings:


  • We’re Pet Friendly

Pups are a growing trend in so many ways. We are seeing more weddings that have man’s best friend as part of the wedding party more now than ever. So go ahead and let Fido bring the rings down the aisle during your Spring wedding, pup’s welcomed here.  


  • Affordability

Beacher’s Lodge is a great place to stay whether your spring wedding be big or small. We offer our wedding guests special group discounts during certain parts of the year so that your whole family can come and stay together. You won’t have to worry about transporting family members to and from various hotels for your special day. We have the ideal place for your reception, at an amazing rate. Our conference room is great for celebrating after the ‘I do’s’! We conveniently provide tables and chairs to those who need or want them for less stress!


  • The View

Beacher’s Lodge does have the best views of Crescent Beach. Our balcony suites give you a gorgeous view of the ocean day and night, and our outdoor pool is located right along the beach so you can enjoy the view while in the ocean or in our private pool. When the planning is finished, take a breath and head to the beach where you can kick back and relax before the big day. It’s the perfect location for taking photos of your wedding party and to capture the stunning natural beauty that a beach venue offers.


Beacher’s Lodge offers a unique wedding experience for all of your guests. If you’ve been searching for just the right place to hold a private, romantic wedding on the coastline, Beacher’s Lodge has the spot. Enjoy a beautiful sunrise over the water, and celebrate the many colors of shells that wash up on our beaches. It is all part of the perfect wedding day celebration.


To learn more about hosting your wedding and group discounts for wedding parties, contact us today and check out our Pinterest page to really get our vision. We’ll be more than happy to help too! We can send you our wedding planning brochures and schedule a tour so you can see the location for yourself. We will get you started on the right path to say “I do” to your dream beach wedding.


Everyone enjoys a good beach day! Whether you choose a morning, midday, or sunset ceremony, you just can’t go wrong with a gorgeous waterfront location. Finding inspiration for a beach wedding is a breeze.  By utilizing your seaside surroundings and a little creativity, you’ll soon be hosting your dream beach wedding that will have everyone talking.

The internet is loaded with beach wedding ideas. Websites such as Pinterest and Instagram can be a huge help when looking for ideas for decorations, music, party favors, clothing for the wedding party, the wedding cakes, and even catering. We have hosted many weddings that often have the most amazing DIY ideas. That is why we have compiled our top 5 Spring Wedding Ideas to add to your dream board. Check out our list below:

  1. Decorations: When it comes to decorating your venue, simple is best. The sun, sand, and sea provide a ton of beauty for your big day. If you’re using an Arbor, simply draping it in soft, breezy fabrics or floral arrangements can make a stunning focal point. For chair décor on each aisle, a simple starfish tied into some beach grass is always a huge hit. Another option is filling blue jars with Baby’s Breath flowers and hanging them on the ends of each aisle. Lanterns sitting on the sand also makes for a stunning display. For the wedding party bouquets and boutonnieres, consider a combination of seashells and light-colored flowers. Raffia is a popular choice over ribbon, both for the bouquets and any décor throughout your wedding area.
  2. Guest book: Sidestep the traditional book and pen for your guestbook. Put out a shadow box alongside of a basket of seashells. Have your guests sign their names and your wedding date on the shell and drop it into the shadowbox. Once the wedding is over, you can hang the shadowbox in your home as a wonderful memento. Another cool option is to purchase small, corked jars from a craft store. Offer small pieces of paper for your guests to write messages to the bride and groom, sign and date it, and place it in the corked bottle. The intention is to have the bride and groom open and read all the inscriptions on their First Anniversary.
  3. Photos: Step outside of the box and ask your photographer to capture spontaneous moments throughout your ceremony. Unique photos such as those capturing an intimate conversation with the bride and her parents, the groomsmen sharing a good joke, or the flower girl tying the ring bearer’s shoes are examples of the most-cherished photos. One idea is for both bride and groom to leave their left handprint in the sand side by side, with their wedding bands on the ring finger of the sand imprint. Instead of rice or bird seed for your departure, have guests toss tiny versions of beach balls.

At a recent Beachers Lodge wedding, one of our brides had a more hi-tech version of photo opportunities. The idea was created by her mom. At her mom’s wedding each table had a disposable camera that the guests used to take pictures of the day, that way they got all the angles and moments during the reception. It’s hard to find those disposable cameras these days, so instead they asked everyone to load pictures to their Facebook group. Later the bride downloaded the photos and had them printed for her wedding album. Same idea, just a different way of getting the photos.

  1. Party Favors: Your options are limitless for party favors for a beach wedding. You can go with traditional choices or hand out favors that relate to your beach theme. Beach towels, sunglasses, or sunscreen will be a hit with your guests. They can use them during the ceremony and later have a memento to use during their beach days, which will always bring a smile at the memory of your special day.
  2. De-sanding Station: As your guests leave your ceremony, a thoughtful gesture is to have a place for guests to drop their shoes and shake them out, and brush the sand from their toes. Near your exit, toss down a couple of bamboo mats, put up a little picket sign with paintbrushes hanging from it, and give your guests the opportunity to brush off their sandy feet. They’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness.

There are a ton of ideas and opportunities to make your wedding the day of your dreams! If you are ready to have a small intimate beach wedding, contact us at the Beacher’s Lodge, we’ll be more than happy to help. Happy Planning!

family vacation

Heading to the beach for a family vacation can be very exciting. Of course, your kids will want more to do than just observe the waves. You need to be prepared with plenty of fun activities to enjoy while you’re there. Fortunately, we’ve created a list of some favorite games and activities for families to enjoy together.

Bring the Buckets and Shovels

Sand castle sculpting is not just fun, it’s challenging. You and your kids can build intricate sandcastles with the help of a few basic tools. A small shovel and a couple different sizes of buckets are a good place to start. Your kids can also enjoy searching the beach for seashells and other materials to use in the decoration of your castles. As you build your masterpiece see who can build the biggest sand castle without the towers falling down.

Another all time sand activity is either digging a hole and just jumping into it or burying one of the adults in the sand. No matter the age these activities are always fun, even the locals do it! One more favorite is the digging of a tunnel. Kids love to dig a tunnel that is just big enough to stick their arm through and see their hand on the other side.

Play Ball

There are tons of fun sports that can easily be taken to the beach for a blast in the sand. Football and volleyball can be played on the beach or in the water. Soccer is another great choice.  Pack a beach bag with plenty of water-safe balls and you can have a day full of fun.

If you don’t want to bring any games, you can use our bocci ball sets here at Beacher’s Lodge. Some of our guests truly enjoy a nice game of Tic Tac Toe in the sand. All you need is either a stick to draw the lines and mark your box, or see who is the most talented by drawing with your big toe.

Catch Some Crabs

Tiny crabs burrow under the sand along the beach. See how many crabs you can catch and examine their unusual characteristics. There are few animals so interesting as crabs and the way they build their homes. Another fun creature to find in the sand are the tiny clams that you can dig up as the waves recede back into the ocean. Often you can watch them as they try to hurry and bury themselves back into the sand after floating about in the ocean.

Parent note, your kids may try and convince you to keep these little critters in a cup or bucket as a temporary pet during their stay. Don’t give in!!! They will create an odor that is undesirable the following day, mark my words, you want to leave these creatures at the beach.

Have a Cookout

After a fun day in the sand, sun and surf, head back to the Beacher’s Lodge and grill out on our charcoal grills. Grill up some hot dogs or burgers, maybe some fish if you went fishing and enjoy the beach without having to leave for dinner.

These are just a few of the fun activities you can enjoy with your family at the beach. No matter the age of your kids or the size of your family, you can easily adapt these activities to fit everyone’s interests. The best part is that your beach adventure can be an affordable and memorable trip all in one, when you choose to vacation at Beacher’s Lodge in beautiful Crescent Beach.  

Spring Break Beachers

So you’re headed down to Crescent Beach for spring break, and it’s time to start packing your bags. Before you go, make sure you run through this checklist one last time just to be sure you don’t leave any essentials behind! We all know the last thing you want to do is go shop for essentials once you get here.

What to Bring – The Wardrobe

First, you need to decide what kind of wardrobe you’re going to bring along. Yes, you’ll want a couple of different bathing suit options to choose from, but you’ll also want to make sure you have:

  • A couple of tank tops
  • A nice shirt or two for going out to dinner
  • Shorts
  • Khakis
  • A sweatshirt for when the sun goes down
  • Sandals or flip-flops
  • Boat shoes for men
  • A sundress or two that you can wear over your swimsuit or for dinner at South Beach Grill
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun hat or ball cap

What to Bring – Toiletries

You’ll definitely want to be prepared for whatever spring break brings with the proper toiletries, so let’s work on that next.

  • Sunscreen!!! Minimum SPF 30, you can’t have too much sunscreen
  • Hair ties
  • Curling iron or flat iron – humidity is either your friend or it isn’t
  • Hair spray – did we mention we have humidity
  • Deodorant
  • Razors
  • Aloe- whether you burn or not, this always feel great after a day in the sun
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Body lotion
  • Body wash that will restore your skin after days in the sun and hours in the salty water.
  • Body spray or spritz

If you really feel you need it bring your makeup. But once you get that sun-kissed glow you’ll find you won’t need it. It’s a Florida thing and you’ll love it.

What to Bring – The Beach Bag

Next up, it’s time to start packing your beach bag for the time you’ll be spending with your toes in the sand:

  • Beach towels
  • More sunblock
  • Your ID
  • Wallet
  • A reusable water bottle
  • Snacks
  • Headphones
  • More aloe
  • Portable phone charger – solar chargers are the best for this.
  • Frisbee
  • Pair of shorts and t-shirt and for the ladies a sundress or bathing suit cover in case you want to run into a store or restaurant for a quick bite to eat. Don’t worry about having beach hair. It’s a daily thing around here and everyone is used to it.

The toiletries and accessories you will need to add to your beach bag would be the body spray in case you dash into the restaurant for a bite to eat. Your sunglasses and hat to help shade you from the sun and a hair tie if you have long hair, due to the wind and you may want to put your hair up to ensure you get your back sun-kissed as well.

That should be enough to get you through most of the week on the beach without a problem.

What to Bring – For the Guys

For the guys, it’s okay to pack a little lighter, but you still want to get it right. Make sure you have:

  • Sunglasses
  • A hat
  • A beach ball, football and we do see folks that enjoy a game of soccer and volleyball
  • An extra pair of swimming trunks
  • A cooler
  • A bottle opener

Once you’ve checked everything off of this list, you should be well on your way to having a blast in Crescent Beach. Nothing can stop you from soaking up the rays and enjoying the beautiful sites of the beach when you have all of your essentials. Get ready to enjoy the beach like a local!!!

Crescent Beach Wedding

Having a beach wedding is one of the top wedding destination ideas and has been for a long time. Many brides dream of a beach wedding for many reasons, and we don’t blame them. Starting your new journey with the love of your life in paradise seems like the perfect marital recipe to us.  

As you may know, you can have a dream wedding right here at Beacher’s Lodge. We provide the beautiful backdrop of the sand and ocean as well as a reception room that easily accommodates 50 guests. After the celebration, guests and the wedding party can retire to condos with balconies that overlook the beautiful Atlantic ocean.

If you are thinking about having a beach wedding and wondering why so many brides choose Crescent Beach for their wedding destination, no worries! We’ve come up with a list of reasons why brides love Crescent Beach for their wedding day.

  • No shoes are required. Your traditional wedding usually requires shoes that are not very comfortable for an all-day affair. That includes both wedding parties. A beach wedding is best enjoyed barefoot.
  • Guests and the wedding party can be more casual. Imagine how much money you can save by having the wedding party in shorts or sun dresses instead of having them spending hundreds of dollars on tuxes and fancy one time worn evening dresses. The guests will love it too because they can wear something more casual and not have to worry about going to Macy’s to find that perfect wedding outfit that will probably be worn only once.
  • A beach wedding is perfect for smaller ceremonies. You don’t have to worry about filling up a large venue, or if more folks show up than expected because on the beach, there’s plenty of room for everyone.
  • The reception is less chaotic. What do we mean by that? The perfect example of a less chaotic reception was one that we had a few weeks ago. The ceremony included 20 guests and a wedding party of 6. They held their ceremony on the beach and then had their reception in our banquet room. They had their favorite restaurant cater the event and used an Amazon Echo as their DJ for wedding music. It was simple and fun.
  • It’s affordable. The permit to have a beach wedding doesn’t cause much pain to your wallet, especially when you compare it to some other extremely fancy venue locations. Plus, guests love it when they don’t have to travel between venues. Beach weddings and receptions often take place right next to each other, so it’s really difficult to be late! You can get ready in your condo. Then, you walk down to the beach and say, “I do”. Afterwards, everyone walks back up to the banquet room and has the time of their lives as they celebrate the couple. Once the party is over, everyone can go back to their condos and sleep it off. The car never leaves the property parking lot.

These are just a few reasons why so many choose Crescent Beach to say, “I do,” and start their lives together. There are many more, but we’ll save those for another blog post. If you would like to say, “I do,” or “I would be more than happy to say ‘yes’ all over again.”  Beacher’s Lodge has the perfect beach spot for you!

Crescent Beach Love

February is known as the month of love as so much goes on in this short month. Valentine’s day, three day weekends, Mardi Gras, Groundhog Day just to name a few. It’s also a time that locals and guests fall in love with Crescent beach all over again and a few of them fall in love while visiting Crescent Beach.

Many locals as well as out of town guests choose Beacher’s Lodge as a destination to “pop the question” for many reasons. Imagine this: you decide you need to either getaway for the weekend, take advantage of a three day weekend (President’s Day) or an impromptu break in the middle of the week for that much needed beach time. Now of course you made your reservations at Beacher’s Lodge as it is located right on the beach with breathtaking views of the ocean.

Next, you either plan a quiet dinner for two on the balcony of your condo. Our condos provide fully equipped kitchens so you can make that perfect romantic dinner for two. Or you decide to have a dinner at one of the beach’s favorite restaurants. I personally love South Beach Grille which is right next door to Beachers Lodge. You can walk over from Beacher’s Lodge and enjoy some great local cuisine.

After your bellies are full and you’ve enjoyed watching the sunset, take a night stroll along the beach. Listen to the waves crash upon Crescent Beach’s soft sandy shore. If you listen careful enough you might hear a dolphin or two playing in the moonlight. It’s the perfect romantic setting for that perfectly planned proposal.

Now for your big moment! As your future partner for life stares out over the ocean watching the moonlight dance upon its surface, and is completely in awe of their surroundings, you drop to one knee and call their name. They turn to you as the waves begin to sing in perfect harmony and you without a moment’s hesitation ask them to be yours for the rest of your lives.

This may sound like a fairy tale to you, but for those of us that are fortunate enough to enjoy Beacher’s Lodge day in and day out, we see it all the time. The excitement and nervousness that are present on the proposer’s face as well as mannerisms is a site to be seen. But what truly makes it memorable for us, and our guests is the pure rush of emotions of the couple sharing their memory as they tell us they said “yes”!

If you plan on visiting us in February and are looking to pop the question to your special someone, let us know and we’ll do our best to help you create that special memory. Come fall in love with the beach and each other at your favorite beach destination.

top pet friendly activities

What is the point of going on a trip, unless you get to take your best friend!  When vacationing with your pup, it’s not always easy to find pet-friendly activities, especially if the area is unknown to you. We’ve put together a few suggestions for fur-friendly activities you can enjoy in and around the St. Augustine and Crescent Beach Area:

St. Augustine Pup Crawl: A historic Pup Pub Tour with pet stops, including water and treats for your fur baby. $49 per person includes 1 glass of premium craft or local beer, wine, sangria, or soda at each stop. 904-392-7137 for reservations. Thursdays and Sundays, 5 P.M.

Pawsitively St. Augustine: On the third Saturday of each month, 11 am. This is a 2-hour (approximately 2 mile) walking tour. Hear about the history of St. Augustine, as well as some pet-friendly history of America. There are fun pup stops with treats and water throughout the tour. $16 per person, 12 and under $10, fur babies are free.

Fountain of Youth:  You can bring your pets to the site of St. Augustine’s origin of 1565. With 15 waterfront acres to cover, you and your pup will have plenty to walk and explore. Make sure he stays leashed and you’re both sure to have a wonderful day on the grounds enjoying the amazing views of the Intracoastal Waterway and the possible encounters with the free-roaming peacocks. Open daily 9 to 6, tickets will run you $15 per person. Parking is free. Please note that picking up after your pet is super important and highly enforced.

Treaty Dog Park This ¾ acre park offers your furbaby an opportunity to cut loose and be leash-free. With fenced yards for both smaller and larger dogs, let your pup frolic and play in sunshine or cool down in the shaded areas and enjoy a fire hydrant while you take a break on the benches provided. If your pet is sociable, he may just find a fellow furry friend at one of the local watering holes provided.   

Crescent Beach: Less crowded than neighboring beaches, Crescent beach is certainly pet-friendly and offers your pup the opportunity to stretch all four legs while prancing in the surf and sand (just as long as your leash will allow). Swimming, sand frolicking and general marine life investigating are all popular activities along this stretch of pet-friendly coastline. Spending your day breathing in the salt air and enjoying the sand between all twenty toes, will make for some memorable beach moments and most likely a tuckered pup.

Chow Time: When it’s time for dinner, there are several pet-friendly eateries in the area. We recommend trying La Pentola. Known for Mediterranean and Latin Fine Cuisine, we’re sure you’ll love whatever Chef Talavera prepares for you. If you’re seeking something a bit more casual, try parking your paws at the Florida Cracker Cafe’. We love sinking our canines into their Aioli Tuna Steak. Conveniently located right next door to us is another one of our favorites: Paula’s Beachside Grill. You and your best friend can enjoy a beverage or a burger by the glow of the tiki torches on the patio. If you are in the mood for a stroll down St. George street, try yet another pup favorite at The Bull and Crown Publick House. A fabulous place to take a break under the shade of an umbrella, have a bite to eat and quench your thirst. They are always quick to offer a water bowl for your parched companion as well.

Dog and Pony Show: After a day of experiencing downtown St. Augustine, you’ll be the talk of the town if you take your furry friend for a ride in one of the horse-drawn carriages. You can inquire along the bayfront, where the horses are happy to trot you down the brick-lined streets. While you experience our nation’s original version of horsepower, you’ll be waved to and smiled at, by all friendly folks you and your pup happen to pass. It’s a truly memorable way to experience the history and charm of our fine city.  

Want to take your pet on a trolley tour of historic St. Augustine? Ripley’s Red Train Trolley Tours allow pets 15 lbs and under as well as certified service animals to join the fun of riding the trolley through the historic district. The tours inform riders of the history of the area as well as fun things to do and see.

Whether you make a day of tours or find time to frolic in the waves, we’re sure your stay in Crescent Beach will leave your tail wagging for more. When it’s time to turn in for the evening, we will be ready and waiting to welcome you home to Beacher’s Lodge and your pet-friendly condo! In the meantime, happy trails…of paw prints!

Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals

Vacationing with your fur-baby in St Augustine, Fl can be one of the most enriching experiences of your life. After all, you adopted your companion to accompany you day-in and day-out through life’s adventures. A long-distance escapade should not be the exception. However, finding the right environment in which to share your St Augustine vacation with your pet can be challenging. Most notably finding a vacation destination that is also pet friendly. We’ve put together a few things to look for while shopping for a pet-friendly vacation rental.

  1.    Check those restrictions: When booking your reservations, be sure to ask questions. First and foremost, are they pet friendly? Are there size or breed restrictions?  Is there an animal limit for those families with more than one fur baby? Disclose the details about your furry family member. Trying to misrepresent or hide information from the property will only result in a very stressful vacation, which defeats the whole purpose of your trip.
  2.      Ask about fees. Are pet deposits required? Are the fees non-refundable? Will the property require proof of vaccinations? Be sure to have proof of current rabies vaccinations, as well as a current health certificate with you. Be sure to consult your veterinarian to ensure all vaccinations are up-to-date and acquire a current health certificate (usually within ten days of your travel plans). The better prepared you are, the easier your stay will be.
  3.      Is a ground-floor unit available? Ground floor units are easiest for your pet. They’re already dealing with being in a new environment. Avoiding stairs or elevators will only benefit their comfort, as well as yours. However there are exceptions. Some of us pet owners have very spunky pets that need to run out as much energy as possible, therefore steps might be better option. No matter which floor you stay on, always be sure to respect the grounds around the property and use the designated areas for pets to enjoy. If you are not sure which areas are designated please ask the front desk. The designated walk area for pets at Beachers Lodge is behind the conference room next to the office.  
  4.      Is a pet park available on the grounds? The ability to take your pet outside for multiple walks each day will relieve quite a bit of your pet’s anxiety. Pent up energy from an anxious pet can be disastrous in a new environment. Be sure to bring your pet’s favorite toys, pet bed, and perhaps even a sheet that smells like home to offer comfort and reassurance that everything is okay. Pets fear abandonment above all else. Providing familiar items from home will bring them comfort.
  5.     Are pet waste stations available on the property? Staying in a vacation rental requires owners to keep their critters leashed and to clean up after their pets.  This shows an appreciation and understanding to both pet-owners and non-owners alike.  Respecting the property’s environment is imperative to an enjoyable vacation experience for everyone who visits.
  6.      Can the property recommend nearby pet-friendly establishments? There are websites, such as , however, having that local recommendation is always a huge help.
  7.      Can the owners recommend a local dog-walker or pet-sitter? Try checking out or the app Wags for local dog walkers.  However, if the property’s staff can recommend someone, or better yet, they have a staff member offering these services, you’ll feel reassured that your four-legged friend is receiving the best possible care in your absence.

You love your animals. You love going on vacation. You should have the best of both worlds when you visit us in St Augustine. Contact us today and ask about our pet-friendly policies. We’d love to confirm your reservation, so you can focus on all the fun activities you and your fur-baby will be doing while staying with us!

Snow Birds Saint Augustine

The annual migration of snowbirds to our beautiful, warm, sunny climate has begun! We’d like to take a moment to welcome all of our lovely visitors to our area! St. Augustine offers a thriving assortment of activities full of adventure for you to choose from. The holiday season offers many joyous celebrations around our area. However, once the holidays are over, the adventures continue! Take a look at this list of things to do:

  1.     Historical downtown: Historic downtown St. Augustine is a bustling area presenting tons of activity. During the day you will see the streets filled with shoppers and restaurants with amazing cuisine and enticing atmosphere. Trolleys cruise the streets providing informative and entertaining narrative tours of the historical architecture and monuments throughout the area. The evenings boast a wealth of hopping nightlife and live entertainment.
  2.     Museums: There are so many to choose from! Historical monuments, forts, wax museums, and even showcases of medieval torture. The options are wide and varied, with a little something for everyone. One of our favorites is Flagler College. This facility gives a fascinating, historical tour of the former Hotel Ponce de Leon, built by Henry Flagler in 1887. The college is now home to hundreds of thriving students. Another must-see attraction is the oldest wooden schoolhouse, dating back to the 18th century.
  3.     Trolleys and trains: These informative and narrative tours of the city provide information and transportation to the best destinations in town! With several designated hop-on and off stops, you can travel throughout the city and experience the best sightseeing spots and scenery St. Augustine has to offer.
  4.     St. Augustine Alligator Farm and Zoological Park: Enjoy our milder climate by spending a day outside experiencing the wildlife at this amazing alligator farm.
  5.     Scenic Boat Cruises: For a different perspective of St. Augustine, go for a ride on one of the many boats offering tours from the water. Enjoy a sunset cruise, a dolphin feeding tour, or even a pirate ship excursion!
  6.     Fort Mose Historic State Park: When it’s time to spend a day in the sunshine, Fort Mose is a 40-acre waterfront park with picnic areas, boardwalk, kayak launch, a visitor center and an interactive museum.
  7.     Fountain of Youth: No trip to St. Augustine is complete without a visit to this pet-friendly attraction. This fascinating and entertaining tour of Ponce de Leon’s Fountain of Youth will introduce you to the original site of St. Augustine, our Nation’s oldest city. You’ll even see the spring that has been claimed to be the fountain that provides restoring youth. There is so much to see and do here, you’ll want to spend the entire day.
  8.     Whetstone Chocolates Tasting Tour: For a decadent change of pace, get introduced to the history and chocolate making through the Whetstone tour. Enjoy freshly made chocolate confections as you tour the facility. Yum!

There’s so much more to enjoy in St. Augustine! We hope these ideas get you started on your journey. We’re so glad to have you here with us at  Beacher’s Lodge. Thank you for choosing St. Augustine as your winter getaway!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The holidays are fast approaching! Once you’ve booked your stay with us here at Beacher’s Lodge, you can start planning out your trip itinerary! Besides the events listed below, there are a TON of other holiday activities going on around town! We hope this gets you started off to a good start:

1.Old Town Trolley Nights of Lights Tours  and Ripley’s Red Train Tours offer a narrated, spectacular experience of the infamous Nights of Lights from November 19th through January 31st, from 6 to 9 pm each night. No reservations are required.

  1.  Dec. 8th, 10:30 am & 7 pm: A Garfield Christmas Performance is at Thrasher-Horne Center. Tickets start at $19.
  2. Dec. 8th, 8 pm: St. Augustine Orchestra’s Annual Christmas Concert  This annual Christmas performance is at the River House. Admission.
  3. Dec 9th, 9 am to 3 pm: First Coast Annual Holiday Arts and Crafts Show  Browse handcrafted items, candles, artwork, and more. Do all of your holiday shopping and pick up unique gifts while supporting local artists. Free admissions.
  4. Dec. 9th, 6 pm: Regatta of Lights Lighted vessels take to the waters to show off their holiday spirit. This is a must-see for spectators and participants alike. Free Viewing.
  5. Dec 15th, 7:30 pm: St. Augustine Community Band’s Winter Concert   An annual performance of holiday music. Admission.
  6. Dec. 17th, 7 pm to 9 pm: Las Posadas Del Viejo San Agustin This is a 400-year-old colonial Christmas tradition. This is an evening, torch-lit procession, which is a reenactment of Mary and Joseph’s search for lodging in Bethlehem.  Located at St. George Street.
  7. Through January 6th, 4:15 pm Schooner Freedom Nights of Lights Sails This sail offers a breathtaking view of Nights of Lights from the water. The $50 per person rate includes complimentary soda, water, beer, wine and hot chocolate.

St. Augustine is one of the best places to spend your holidays! We hope you enjoy all of the festivities! All of us here at Beacher’s Lodge wish you and yours a very merry holiday season!