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St. Augustine’s Wonderful Winter Events

December is usually associated with snow – white Christmases, ski trips, and snowball fights. Here in St. Augustine’s Winter, the only white you will see is the millions of tiny lights downtown and our pure, sandy beaches! St. Augustine has lots to offer in the winter and you’ll find that the holiday spirit doesn’t only […]

Railing Replacement Project: 1/2 – 2/28

We are anticipating a railing replacement project on property this fall/winter season.  The start date has not yet been set in stone but we think the earliest would be after the New Year’s holiday (There will be no work from December 20th through January 1st).  The railings on the walkways will be replaced first.  Work […]


We were just informed by the condo association here at Beacher’s Lodge that our property pool will be resurfaced in January. We have an expected start date of January 7th.  We don’t yet know the exact length of the project but have been given the estimate of  2 weeks.  If you are staying with us […]

Thanksgiving in St. Augustine

Thanksgiving is a holiday that’s beloved here in America. But, How did it all get started? Who brought it into this land? How much has it changed throughout the years? First Thanksgiving Celebration Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrated by many for as long as we can remember. Getting the perfect turkey and putting it in […]

Halloween Fun in St. Augustine

Trick or treat and Happy Halloween! October is here and with it you will find a variety of fun reasons to be out and about. One of the best places to celebrate All Hallow’s Eve in particular is America’s oldest city, St. Augustine Florida. Full of history, it’s the perfect scene for all activities involving […]

Turtle Watching in St. Augustine

Some of the perks of living in Florida are the tropical climate, ocean breezes in the evening, beautiful sunsets, and the magnificent beaches all around us. The ocean is one of the things we cherish the most, and protecting it should be something we all do. It’s our responsibility to think about it’s longevity, so […]

Roof & Stucco Work

While the shock of Hurricane Irma is beginning to subside, we are still working on roof repair from the damage she left behind.  As of 11/29/17, most of our roof work has been completed and we have had very little complaints from any noise.  We are currently waiting for the trim to be installed. Before that can […]

Crescent Beach Warning Flags and What They Mean

We have guests from all over the United States come stay with us and many of them don’t know what our beach flags mean. There’s always a sign that explains what they mean but not all notice it. I can’t tell you how many times I am asked what the flag means, and I am […]

October in St. Augustine is Amazing

Nothing says pumpkin spice and everything nice in St. Augustine like cool Autumn months. To be completely honest fall weather in St. Augustine isn’t much different than summer weather; it’s just a tad cooler and the nights are fantastic!!!! In St. Augustine we always tend to have some sort of fun event or festival but […]