Time to Relax


That inevitable time of the year has yet again reached our shores. Summer is winding down, and the kids are going back to school. As the season of bustling crowds and hot sun recedes like the waves, a great opportunity to enjoy the beach again presents itself. Here at Beacher’s Lodge the few weeks before the Labor Day are the best to spend a few nights recharging for the upcoming school year. Treat yourself, or even the entire family to a getaway with the sole purpose of relaxing. This is the time not to stress about planning for school, but rather a period of reflection about the great experiences that have occurred this summer. Just sitting on the beach with the sole purpose of doing nothing, can be one of the best therapies. Provide yourself and your family with a stress-free weekend and stay here with us at Beacher’s Lodge Oceanfront Suites. Allow yourself one final period of summer respite before the Labor Day holiday and usher in the Fall season with a more calm and peaceful state of mind. Remember the ocean is the best healer!
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